There is a mysterious, exciting and tantalizing cleaner that is simply life changing! What is it, you ask? Enzyme cleaners! You may never look at cleaners the same way after hearing about all the benefits and uses of this ultimate cleaner. Read on to learn about how you can change your cleaning life with enzyme cleaners!

Why Enzyme Cleaners?

To understand why enzymes are so exciting in the cleaning world, you need to have a brief understanding of how most cleaning products work. Most cleaning products either:

  • bring dirt to the surface with a surfactant
  • scrub it off using something abrasive
  • eat away at it using acid, degreasing agents or organic solvents
  • infuse oxygen into the surface thereby lifting dirt away from it

These are categorized as detergents, abrasives, degreasers, acid cleaners, organic solvents and oxygen cleaners. While all of these cleaners do work, some of them also use harsher components to get the job done, and may require some significant elbow grease to be effective.


How Enzyme Cleaners Work

The simplest way to think about enzymes is the same way we think about digestion. We know that the first part of digestion happens in our mouth—we chew with our teeth and that helps break food down. And then our saliva (which contains enzymes) mixes with the food further breaking it down before we swallow it. In short, enzymes help break matter down, and as such, is an essential part of the digestion process.

This same process occurs when using enzymes for cleaning. When we apply an enzyme cleaner to a surface the enzymes essentially digest dirt, grease, bacteria, and grime. The key here is to give them time to dwell. Dwell time means that the cleaner has time to sit and do its job. If you simply apply the cleaner and wipe it away it doesn’t have a chance to go to work.

stain remover

The Power of Enzyme Cleaners

We discovered the power of enzyme cleaners years ago and have never turned back. The challenge is that they’re a little tricky to find. So when you do find a brand that you like, stick with it. Anyone who I’ve turned on to the power of enzyme cleaners has absolutely loved them! My favorite enzyme cleaner right now is Bac-Out by Biokleen. Now, this is not a sponsored post, but I have tested several enzyme cleaners and I can tell you that this one works really, really, well. It’s also completely safe as they use fruits and vegetables as their base, making them very organic. They’re just incredible cleaners.

Enzymes are kind of like cleaning fairy dust. I’ve seen them melt away very stubborn grease and grime in the kitchen. They’ve removed some really tough laundry stains and are great when dealing with cat pee accidents and vomit (a staple here at CMS HQ). For parents of young kids, enzymes are a lifesaver when it comes to poop explosions on your baby’s favorite stuff.

enzyme cleaners dwell time

How To Use Enzyme Cleaners

Remove anything from the surface before you actually treat it; so if there’s cat pee or vomit or something like that, you want to scrape or blot up as much as you can, and then treat it. Spray the affected area liberally with the cleaner and allow it to sit. If the product dries up, it won’t work, so more is better in this case. Let it sit for at least 5 to 10 minutes. The worse the mess, the longer you’ll want to leave it. Then, just wipe the surface clean with a microfiber cloth or sponge.

Enzymes are hungry little buggers and they won’t let a meal go uneaten as long as they have enough time at the dining room table. So, make sure that you’re not just spraying and wiping, they really do need time to work. But when they do, you’ll be impressed!

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  1. I understand that you shouldn’t use an enzyme cleaner together with a disinfectant as it will kill the enzymes & stop them from working. What is the process then for deodorizing and disinfecting effectively as enzyme cleaners don’t disinfect? Does one deodorize with a enzyme cleaner one day and disinfect the next?

  2. I noticed that you recommend Pink Solution for your cleaning business. Is this product better than Biokleen?
    I understand Pink Solution is only available in Canada. However, I can arrange to have it shipped if it is worth it.
    Thank you.


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