Welcome back to Clean My Space! I have to admit, I am currently sitting here in a very messy rec room. My daughter has spread out all her arts and crafts, and we are in the middle of a decluttering project.

So, the question of the day is, how does one get motivated to clean when a room is super messy? How do you even start? Well, today we are going to give you a system and method to get the job done right and efficiently. Need cleaning motivation? Start here!

Where to Start

One of the most overwhelming things to deal with when it comes to cleaning is figuring out where and how to start. A messy home can feel impossible to tackle and it’s important to start with small, achievable tasks and goals.

For example, if you focus on a space like the closet and put a timer on for say, 30 minutes, you’ll have a specific space and time to work within. It will allow you to build confidence and complete a job so that you can feel better about tackling cleaning tasks throughout your home. It will give you the motivation to keep going and you won’t find yourself burning out!

Be Prepared

Like with most things in life, preparedness is key and it will set you up for success, no matter what you’re doing or cleaning. So, no matter how big or small a cleaning job is, always begin with prep and a plan! Get all your products and tools out, put your music or podcast on, and have your coffee hot and ready to go. The point here is to always set yourself up for success.

When looking for the best cleaning tools, check out Maker’s Clean Products. They provide amazing microfiber cloths for all your cleaning needs!

Another important thing to consider is scheduling. I’m all about time-blocking. Between family, work, and a pretty basic social life, I find things go smoothest when I put stuff into my calendar. I even got rid of all my to-do lists and simply blocked everything into my calendar. This frees me up so I don’t have to worry about missing anything and it allows me to focus on the task at hand.

Be Strategic

Now that everything is scheduled and you’re prep is done, it’s time to strategize how you’re going to tackle the first job. This can be a tough and overwhelming step, but do not fear, I’ve got an amazing cleaning system that will work every time. It’s called my 3 Wave Cleaning System and it’s something I developed throughout my many years as a professional cleaner. It will allow you to clean better, clean faster, and most importantly reduce overall stress!


Something that we struggle with in my home is seeing a project through to completion. Whether it’s a cleaning job or something to do with work, it can be difficult to finish tasks, especially when life gets busy.

It’s important during these times to work as hard during the beginning of the process as you do at the end. See it through, all the way, and you’ll find you won’t get stuck in the middle of your difficult or annoying tasks!

Reward Yourself

For many of us, it’s hard to feel positivity or excitement when we finish a cleaning job. Cleaning isn’t necessarily fun BUT it can be a positive experience that not only leaves you with a clean home but also with a feeling of accomplishment. It’s important to find different ways to acknowledge, reward, and encourage ourselves to keep doing the work.

For some, that means taking a before and after photo. Show your partner, show your friends, put it on Instagram, or even send it to me! It’s also important to thank others in your home for the cleaning jobs they do. Cleaning is hard work and it’s rarely easy! Always make sure to acknowledge your accomplishments in life, no matter how small!

It Never Ends

Unless you’re a celebrity or you’ve won the lottery, you will likely have to clean for the rest of your life. Why do I point this painful fact out? Because you’ve got to repeat it, you’ve got to do it again and again and again. This is why you have to have a system in place with steps that are achievable and repeatable. It won’t necessarily make it easy, but it will simplify your life and will help you get the most out of your cleaning time!

If you want to dig deeper and start taking your cleaning a bit more seriously then check out our E-Book Bundle! It encompasses 3 fantastic e-books (Complete Guide to Essential Oils, My 3-Wave Cleaning System, 50 DIY Cleaning Recipes) that will get you started in the right direction!

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