Time for a trip to the dollar store!

This visit, I scavenged the aisles for the best in cleaning and organizing products. I’m going to show you some cool uses for dollar store finds (and I’ve got way more to come!).

Do you love the dollar store?

Welcome to the second annual Dollar Store Organizing & Cleaning Products Haul Video! Whether you shop at Dollar Tree, Dollar General or Dollarama – we’ve got some cheap and handy products to show you!




Whenever I go to the Dollar Store, I tend to feel like a kid in a candy store. On my last visit, I combed the aisles looking for cheap cleaning and organizational solutions, and here is what I found:

  1. Storage Baskets – I picked up three storage baskets; two with a chalkboard front and one that is just an unmarked cube. The microfiber cloths go in one marked bin, while other marked bin holds our regular tea towels. The cube gets to hold the dirty towels that need laundering.
  2. Coffee Filters – One filter plus a little baking soda, a hair elastic or some string, and drops of a fragrant essential oil makes the perfect little DIY sachets for tucking in drawers, gym bags suitcases and any other space you want to keep smelling fresh.
  3. Elmer’s Freestyles – These are basically super handy pockets and sticky pads that you can stick around the house (like on your fridge) to hold odds and ends like scrap paper and pens. They can also be re-positioned so you can stick one basically anywhere you want!
  4. Basket for Condiments – This is a great one for households that love condiments. Instead of lugging them out one by one for every meal, stick them all in a handy basket that you place in the fridge. It will catch spills, helping to keep your fridge door a little cleaner, and it makes transferring condiments to the dinner table super easy.
  5. Shower Curtain Tension Rod – We maximize on space under the kitchen sink by using tension rods to hang spray bottles and to dry cloths.
  6. Mini Blue Bins – To take care of any recycling like toilet paper rolls and empty bottles, we added little blue bins to our bathrooms.
  7. Pill Containers & Multipurpose Storage Boxes – These guys are great for storing jewelry and hair accessories, especially for when you are travelling. You can even organize your accessories based on the day of the week with the pill box. The multipurpose storage box on the other hand, is wonderful and efficient because it has removable compartment walls so that you can tailor the box to meet your needs!
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  1. Loved this video. Yes, yes show us the other bag. I would kill for a dollar store like yours. Mine is very small, cluttered, dirty and I never see the items you show in my store.


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