People are always asking me for cleaning hacks, and I’ve shared many! If you’re new here, read My Best Cleaning Hacks: 6 Cleaning Tips and 5 Minute Cleaning Jobs: Cleaning Hacks for Cleaning Fast. Today, I want to share the weirdest cleaning hacks I’ve come across that actually work. 

But first, a word to the wise. Not all cleaning hacks work. In fact, some of them are just that, hacks. It’s important to remember that a hack is only good if it saves you time, money, and/or can help you in a pinch. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time. 

With that being said, these cleaning hacks are tried and tested and are absolutely worth testing out. I think we can all agree that cleaning isn’t fun. But weird cleaning hacks are! Or at least they’re more fun than straight-up vacuuming. So here are my favorite strange cleaning hacks that work.   

1. Wash Your Air Vents 

Air vents get SO DUSTY. And if you don’t clean them, they basically just blow that dust all through your house. This is particularly bad for people with allergies or asthma. Luckily, you can quickly wash them. 

Detach floor and ceiling air vents and run them through the dishwasher! If any of the vents are plastic, avoid the heat/dry cycle. 

2. Give Your Shower Head A Bath 

Showerheads get a lot of buildup. Mineral deposits naturally form over time from the water. And if you don’t clean it, these mineral deposits can actually clog your shower head. Once or twice a year, it’s a good idea to detach your shower head and soak it in vinegar to descale it to remove mineral buildup. 

After you’ve soaked your shower head for about half an hour, use a cleaning toothbrush to scrub away any remaining buildup. If you don’t want to remove your shower head, you can fill a strong plastic bag with vinegar and attach it around your showerhead with elastic bands. 

clean shower head

3. Citrus Away Rust Stains

We all get rust stains on or around our sinks. No matter how careful you are, water will eventually create rust. Instead of using harsh chemicals to clean it, try lemon and salt. 

Cut a lemon in half and dip it in salt so the whole face is coated. Rub this on the rust stains. The acid in the lemon does a lot of the work, while salt adds the abrasion.  

4. Polish Your Sink 

After you get those rust stains off, let’s give your sink a polish. I always say that the sink is the focal point of the kitchen. When it’s dirty, the kitchen looks dirty. But when it’s clean, the kitchen looks clean. Well, if your sink is clean, but your counters are covered in dishes and stains, maybe not. But you know what I mean. 

To polish your sink, add a few drops of olive oil to a paper towel and give it a good buff. Remember, you can always add more olive oil, but cleaning up an oil spill is no small task. Read 10 Kitchen Cleaning Tips From A Professional for more kitchen cleaning inspiration. 

5. Wash Your Shower Curtain 

Shower curtains can get pretty gross. Soap scum buildup is bad enough, but if you don’t take care of your shower curtain, it can even begin to grow mold and mildew. No shower curtain will last forever, but keeping your shower curtain clean will help prolong its life. 

Most shower curtains are machine washable, which means you can toss yours in the washing machine and forget about it (after checking the tag to make sure your curtain is washing machine safe). Always hang to dry; never use the dryer. Oh, and if you notice black dots on your shower curtain, that means it’s moldy. Chuck it out ASAP!

6. Zap Your Microwave

Do you ever let the microwave get a little too gross, and suddenly you’ve got caked-on food that won’t easily come off? If this happens to you, cut up a lemon and squeeze the juice into a bowl. Add the rinds, and fill the bowl halfway with water. Microwave your lemon water bowl for about three minutes.

When that timer dings, you’ll find all that gunk is loosened and easy to clean. And for more microwave cleaning tips, read How to Clean A Microwave.

clean your microwave

7. Give Your Blender A Day at the Spa

Even with regular cleaning, blenders tend to get a little gross. All those smoothies might be good for your insides, but your blender is feeling a little tired. 

To give your blender a good deep clean, fill it halfway with warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Then blend! It’s like a little hot tub party just for your blender. Rinse well and wash normally. 

Weird Cleaning Hacks That Work

And there you have it, the weirdest cleaning hacks that actually work. Remember, if it saves you time, money, and cleans well, it’s a great hack. If not, it’s just a gimmick. That’s why I’ve started a series covering TikTok cleaning hacks and if they really work. Check out Carpet Squeegee: TikTok Cleaning Hacks and What is Laundry Stripping?: TikTok Cleaning Hacks. 

Let me know in the comments what your weirdest cleaning hack is! And if you try any of our hacks, share them on Instagram and tag us @cleanmyspace. 

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