Sometimes when we clean we find ourselves going on autopilot, and that’s fine because, as we all know, cleaning can be so boring. So sometimes you’ve got to shake it up and approach a room with fresh eyes, saying, “What am I missing here?”. In this article, we’re going to talk about some unexpected and often forgotten things that you should be cleaning in your bathroom.

Light Fixtures

Real estate is all about location, location, location, and a bathroom is all about lighting, lighting, and lighting. If your lighting is dirty, you’re not going to see yourself in the mirror or the dirty areas very clearly, so it’s important to make sure that your light fixtures are nice and clean. In my bathroom, I’ve got an enclosed fixture so cleaning it is as simple as dusting the exterior.

If however, you have an open light fixture you might have to remove the bulbs and get up there so you can get give it a proper wipe. A dry microfiber cloth is perfect for reaching all of the nooks and crannies and giving your light fixture a thorough and proper cleaning. Check out Maker’s Clean Bathroom Cleaning Kit for all of your bathroom cleaning needs.

Window Sills

Whether you’re ventilating your bathroom properly or not, you might get condensation building up on the windows while you’re showering. This condensation drips down to the bottom of your window frame and hangs out, developing a moldy black and brown buildup that mixes with dirt blown in from the window… It’s a whole scene! Over time you’re going to get some mold in the window sills so check them to see if they look dirty or fuzzy. If they do look a little dirty or fuzzy, get yourself some mold or mildew cleaner and give your window sills a good wipe. You might only need to do this every 3-6 months or so but it makes a big difference in keeping your bathroom clean and healthy.

Overhead Exhaust Fan

We almost never think about cleaning the overhead exhaust fan in the bathroom because we’re never really looking at it, but if it makes a loud and noisy rattle sound when you turn it on, you might want to take a look at it. If there’s a bunch of dust caked up there the fan won’t work efficiently and it will struggle to do its job. Cleaning it is simple, all you have to do is break out the trusty vacuum. If you have a brush attachment, pop it on, and get to cleaning the fan, it literally takes 20 seconds and makes a big difference! Once finished you’ll notice your fan is quieter and it will work and look much better.

Hair Removal

Having hair in the bathroom is just one of those things we have learned to accept, but I can tell you, having spent years as a professional cleaner, that it was the bane of my existence. If a client saw even one of their own, tiny hairs on the bathroom floor, my whole attempt at cleaning went pointless.

I always had to think of creative ways to get rid of hair because sometimes a vacuum just won’t do it. Sometimes a cloth can’t do it either! The key is to use a rubber-tipped squeegee. The next time you have to lift a lot of hair off the floor and you’re finding it is being very stubborn, get a rubber-tipped squeegee and sweep it around, collecting the hair in a big pile. This will make it easier to pick it up or even better, vacuum it all away!

Hair Tool Filters

Here is something that I never thought about before I got into the cleaning game and you might not have as well. Your blow dryers and hair tools have air suction components and vents that work exactly like your bathroom exhaust fan. The tools suck air in so that they can shoot it out at high speeds, but in doing so they start to collect dust around the filters.

A simple solution here is to make sure you clean the filter every so often by using a microfiber cloth for the dust and tweezers to get the little pieces of dust out of the tiny little vent holes. Twice a year should be good enough to make sure your hair dryer and hair tools are running and working efficiently and will do so for a long time.

Bath Toys

I’ve learned a lot about bath time in my 3 plus years of being a mother. We might not always think about it, but bath toys can get kind of dingy over time. The best thing to do to keep them clean is to give them a rinse after every bath. It’s best to do this after all the soapy water has drained so that you can get all of that soapy residue off your bath toys and then dry them as best you can.

Now and then you are going to notice that the bath toys have a bit of a film or buildup on them, so it’s good to give them a good cleaning. Fill a bucket with vinegar and toss the toys in, giving them a good scrub. The vinegar helps to break down any of that hard water buildup and soap scum. It’s that easy! Whether they are foam or plastic they will be just fine. These durable toys are built to last and will soon be a lot cleaner. When you’re done give the toys a good rinse, letting them drip dry, and soon they’ll be ready to go for bath time! Here are some more vinegar cleaning hacks for all of your cleaning needs!


If you think back to plant biology, you’ll remember photosynthesis, where leaves absorb sunlight and turn it into food. Well this process is made easier when house plants are free of dust and grime. This is twice as important for bathroom plants as they don’t get as much sunlight. Have a look at your plants and if you notice that the leaves are dusty, take a lightly dampened microfiber cloth and gently wipe the leaves down while supporting their underside. By doing this you are literally breathing new life into your plants, allowing it to thrive in your bathroom.

Fiberglass Shower and Tub

If you have a fiberglass shower insert or tub, you will notice that sometimes no matter how clean you get it, you might still see some residual scuff marks or stains left behind. These marks are not dirt but surface finish stains and scuff marks, and they are tough to get rid of. I have recently discovered a polish and cleaner for fiberglass that works like a charm. You put a little dab onto the surface and rub it with a microfiber cloth. Then you rinse and it’s done! It’s the easiest thing and it makes your finishes look brand new. You can also use this on different surfaces in your home like chromes and metals, so it is handy to have around.

Splash Marks on Wall

Typically when you paint a bathroom, you choose paint that is wipeable or washable. It slightly more glossy and is far more durable then regular wall paint. When you’re in the bathroom you’re constantly getting water splashed everywhere, from brushing your teeth and washing your hands to showering. If you’re in the bathroom start looking at your painted areas at different angles and you’ll see that these mystery splash marks are all over your walls. The easiest way to clean this is to use a solution of equal parts vinegar and waters. First make sure to test the solution on a hidden area first, making sure that your paint can tolerate the cleaning without damage. The vinegar will help clean the minerals that the water leaves behind and will make your walls sparkle!

Now that we’ve walked through the circus freak show of bathrooms, the unseen areas, and the things we forget to clean, I hope that you’ll remember a couple of these simple tips and amp up your cleaning efforts that much more!

If you want to ace the rest of your bathroom cleaning, we’ve got more cleaning articles to check out! 

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